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    Universal Apps

    We will be traveling to Universal for the first time in March 2016. I am looking for suggestions for a good app that has maps, accurate wait times, and possibly menus. Any ideas?

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    The official Universal app has all of that except menus. No menus, but it does list restaurants and give a description of the restaurant. Menus, in my experience, are only found online through external sites. Just google the restaurant name followed by "universal florida menu"

    I did a short review of the universal app with screenshots in my 2015 pre trip report. Link is in my signature.
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    Thanks! I was looking on my iPad when I posted this and nothing was coming up from Universal. I switched to my phone and found it, though.

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    Okay...so I now have both the Universal and Undercover Tourist apps on my phone. Can anyone tell me which is more accurate as far as wait times go? I was on earlier and the Universal app was showing a 5 minute wait for Gringotts but UT was showing 30 minutes. Which is more reliable? And why such a big difference?

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