Vegan at disney world
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    Vegan at disney world

    Has anyone here ever had to deal with this? We've eaten vegetarian there for years and Disney has always been great, especially compared to Universal. We have recently switched to being vegans though, and that seems much more difficult. I've heard most places will make you something if you call ahead of time. I've even heard they can make mickey waffles vegan (I really hope that one is true!) Anyway, any tips or anyone else with ideas, I would appreciate the help. Thanks!

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    As a former vegan, I know how hard it is to eat practically anywhere!

    Have you seen this site?

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    Ya I've been there before. When I compare the menus disney has posted to those, it seems like they haven't been updated. Still a lot of great information though.

    My wife has decided to just eat vegetarian while on vacation so it will just be me attempting a vegan disney trip.

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