Disney TRavel Agent??
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    Disney TRavel Agent??

    I have only been to Disney World twice but I instantly fell in love. I have learned as much as I possibly could in 2 years. I really want to work as a Disney Agent. I already have a client base too. I've helped 3 families so far plan their trips. I Applied at 3 different agencies but have not heard back.

    I've been reading books, blogs anything to stay informed on all things Disney. Any tips on how I could possibly get hired sooner. Thanks. I went in September of 2013 the first time and then went in December of 2014.
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    Re: Disney TRavel Agent??

    Before you can become a travel agent you must do so many parks disney world and disney land as well as so many cruises and such.. I believe they're are several travel agents on this site who can explain in depth how this works..
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