Other Orlando Attractions
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    Other Orlando Attractions

    Besides WDW, Universal, and SeaWorld, there are a lot of other Orlando attractions that are advertised...Ripley's, WonderWorks, Science Center, planetarium, animal-related attractions like Gatorland and Giraffe Ranch, several museums, zoo, etc.

    If you've ever been to any of them, please share your experiences. I'd love to try something new on our next trip. Which ones are good for adults with no kids?

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    Hubby loves old town and the smaller like carnival places. He loves to ride those sling shot rides. Yes, he's nuts.
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    I remember Old Town, my dad used to take us there when we were kids. I enjoyed it. I've also been to Wonderworks as a kid and Ripleys as both adult and kid. I think you might like Ripley's if you haven't been to one before.

    I haven't been to Gatorland, but I did go to The Everglades Holiday Park. If it is anything like that place it is worth going. We took and airboat tour and saw a gator swim right up to the boat! Very cool
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