Long time Disney lover!
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    Long time Disney lover!

    Hi all!

    Im a long time Disney lover who is now introducing my three kids to the Disney world! I wish we lived closer to one of the parks because I know they would love it - they are 6, 4 and 2.

    My favourite Disney movies are the old classics, my kids love Bambi and Snow White most.


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    Welcome to td, faline!
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    Welcome to TD!

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    Re: Long time Disney lover!

    Aloha there! I love introducing my kids (age 10 & 9) to Disney, and wish we lived closer to the parks.... we live in Hawaii so it's a LONG trip to get there. With that said, we will be going on our 3rd trip together in October and I have already planned our next one!
    Welcome and hope you can one day get your kids to the parks, I know they will love it!
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    Re: Long time Disney lover!

    Hi and Welcome to TD!! Glad you found us...we have been DVCmembers for years but I still learn so much from the people who are on this page.. Love Love Love it!
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