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    Dining Plan

    Hey guys, my wife and I have always gotten the dining plan for our disney trips, but we are thinking about skipping it or only getting 1 next time. Have any of you ever done disney both with and without the plan? I'm wondering if it would save us some money. Being a vegan there really aren't any desserts I can eat anyway, so I don't need to pay for those.

    We do always eat dinner at a sit down restaurant, but the quality varies. We might eat at Artist Point one night and the rose and crown the next.

    Any thoughts on the price of the plan vs the price of paying for meals would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    We never did the dinning plan until our last visit.the visit before was when I first learned about it but we did not get it deciding to keep track of how much we spent and comparing it to what the plan cost. For us it works out better to get it. But we are meat eaters. And I have an adult son going with us along with DH and 9 year old son. The olde boy is a pickier eater but loves a good steak. I liked it because I didn't feel like I had to check prices on the menu I could order what I wanted and so could everyone else. Plus having it on the magic and was awesome. Didn't have to carry my card it much cash. Just enough for tips. We don't drink much alcohol. DH is a police officer and rarely drinks in public. As far as quick service places I liked it cause I gave the older boy the code and of DH and I both had it so as we each got our food we could go use our band to pay and go sit down to eat rather than wait on everyone to get their food then go to pay all at once.

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    Re: Dining Plan

    I've gone both with and without it. IMHO for my family it is defiantly worth it as I have two children who love the character meals, and this coming trip we are doing 6 of them! If it is just the two of you you are probably going to save money not getting it. It calculates to around $55 a day for the regular meal plan.... however you can go to really nice restaurants and with the changes of getting to have a soup/salad instead of a dessert it could be worth it...
    You can look at all the menus online and calculate out what your approximate costs would be without it.
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    Re: Dining Plan

    we generally do the deluxe dining but since we are going soon for our honeymoon with no kids we went with the one quick service and the one sit down meal a day and it was cheaper and worked out well for us..we have tried to do none but the cost of food is just to high not to do one..
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