California Trip report
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    California Trip report

    After many visits to WDW, we decided that this year, we would visit DL and take in as much as California had to offer, much as we could afford and survive

    Day One.

    Having arrived early, our room wasn't ready. We checked our bags and explored the area as well as DTD and the Hotels.(we didn't stay on site since that would have certainly broke the bank). First, The DL resort area is quite compact, but they creatively manage to squeeze in so much. DTD Disney, also smaller, was actually great. Somehow there seemed to be more happening. BTW, The Grand Californian resort is linked directly to DTD and California Adventure.

    Day Two.
    Hollywood Tour, Stars homes, Beverly Hills (Starline Tours) jam packed 4 hours.

    Followed by
    Warner Studios Tour (great, great, great)
    Besides the obvious, there is also a Batman Musuem (outfits, props and vehicles from all the movies)
    There is a Harry Potter Museum (very cool)
    The end of the tour is all interactive. You can fly Harry's broom, float in a space suit (Gravity) or ride the Bat Cycle all in front of a Green screen. They pop in the background and play the videos (which you can buy)
    The Central perk set is there for Friends fans. get your photo taken on the set and even recreate a scene from the show which is then spliced together with actual clips to give the illusion that you are interacting with the cast.

    Day Three ,

    California Adventure. It was the day of the actual anniversary, so we suspected DL would be jam packed. Smart move. We managed to either get fast passes or get right on for everything we wanted to visit. Radiator Springs is quite cool. A variation of Test track. To be honest, Cars Land itself is amazing, especially at night when it is all lit up.

    World of Color is an amazing water, light and projection show. Certainly worth seeing. The Frozen Sing a Long, while geared at a younger audience actually had us laughing on several occasions. Alladin live on Stage was very impressive. The Genie was hilarious.

    Day Four,
    It Rained. We Shopped

    Day 5
    Disneyland. Again, being compact, everything is close. Not certain if it was dumb luck, but again, we managed to do most everything we planned on. Indiana Jones Adventure was quite good. After seeing the live action version so many times , it was a thrilling change.

    Immediately after the parade, it rained, and rained, and rained. But we were satisfied

    Day 6
    Santa Monica. We switched locations for some Beach time and a tour of malibu. Santa Monica is quite nice. Not big and everything you'd need within walking distance. We were 2 blocks from the "downtown" are (3rd Street Promenade) and 3 blocks from the beach. There's a large pier with several attractions. The Beach is clean, big and not too crowded.

    Day 8 Universal City
    Went to the Price is Right,(a one hour taping took 6 hours of waiting, forms, photos and interviews, but lots of fun) then CityWalk that evening. I actually prefer the Hollywood CW to that of Orlando

    Day 9
    Went Universal Studios, which was a 10 minute walk from the Sheraton. The tour was very cool. They merged it with 3 separate attractions (King Kong, Earthquake and The fast and the Furious) which are more or less massive 3d screens on either side of the tram which gives you the illusion that you are pat of the film. (Except for Earthquake, which is now Disaster in Orlando) Disappointed with the Mummy. Orlando version is much, much better.

    Then to Let's Make a Deal (that was only 4 hours) which was also a lot of fun

    Back to Universal for a night time perspective. Waterworld is a great live show.

    Day 10
    Universal Studios (they are building a Harry Potter Section here as well)

    Day 11
    Time to head back home. It had been a long jam packed week and a half
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    Thanks for the report! You did so much during your trip...are you exhausted? I haven't been to DL or Universal since the early 1990s, so it was interesting to read your comments.

    DL: At least 5 times in '80s
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    So lucky! I can't wait to go there someday. Thanks for the report!
    Couldn't imagine life without WDW!
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    Upcoming: Feb 2016
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    We went to DL and Universal Hollywood last summer after 3 trips to WDW. I'm glad you liked it! Any details on the new Harry Potter world at Universal?

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    Re: California Trip report

    All the buildings are in place. (even the snow on the roofs) I am not certain of the launch date, but it looked ready, from what I saw.

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