Disneyland Resort

Very interesting news from California came out a few hours ago, as it was announced that Disney had just closed a $48 million deal to purchase two large parcels of land near the park, 1515 and 1585 S. Manchester Ave. It is worth noting that this new batch of property connects right up to the backside of this year's previous purchase of the Carousel Inn to the West, and connects right up to Disney's existing Pumbaa parking lot.

For now, it seems Disney plan is to use the large building for office and warehouse space, and the future of the Pumbaa parking lot is currently destined to become the next giant parking structure for the Disneyland Resort as well, through probably mixed in with some of this new land purchased as well. But if you pull back to look at the bigger picture, taking in all of the land Disney now owns in Anaheim, there is one interesting target I see all by itself, that would perfectly connect up the new parcel and Pumbaa lot, to the large parcel Disney already owns to the south once earmarked as the site for a future 3rd park, that is currently used for overflow and cast member parking.

What is catching my eye is the Anaheim Gardenwalk mall site which looks ripe for the picking if Disney was so inclined. The small retail mall has been in the news on and off for awhile now as having financial problems, and never was fully built out to what it promised to be. In fact, just this past June the local news mentioned that Anaheim couldn't ever lure in hotel developers to the site with a $158 million in subsidies for the taking before they expired. It would be interesting to see if Disney gobbles up this project as well... either to scrap or to mix in as another Downtown Disney style retail wing with future hotel projects.