Idea for a Web App to help disney go-ers!
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    Cool Idea for a Web App to help disney go-ers!

    Hey guys,

    I've gone to Disney World about 12 times in my life. After frequenting so much, I've realized there's two things that I really want whenever I'm there:

    1. Inflatable furniture, so you can blow up a couch and sit down while waiting in long rides. Nobody would mind, right?!


    2. An easy-to-access custom itinerary with park/ride info.

    I noticed there's an app called My Disney World Experience. I'm wondering if any of you have used it and what you thought of it? I was going to make a web app where you can plug in your dates of your trip, and then all the rides you'll be on that day, the hours of the park that day, which would show you wait times, time until you need to get to the next fast pass. Time until park closes, etc.

    I'm pretty sure the My Disney World Experience app might cover all of this but I'm curious if there are any downfalls to it and if there was an alternative app, why you would consider using it.

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    Inflatable sofa? No.

    You'd be forever having to move it along the line as you get closer and closer. Better to have a sedan chair carried by a team of servants. I would suggest a chair on wheels but I think that's been done already!

    As for the app, all your FPs and ADRs are on MDE and more importantly are booked and changed via MDE. As opening times and wait times are on MDE too, why would you need another app?

    Anything other than MDE would only show information. As MDE is Disney's own app, it's completely interactive. You can't just view your plans, you can change them, make new plans etc.

    As for showing time until your next FP, if it's 10am now and I have a FP at 11.15am, I don't need an app to tell me how long til the FP!

    Sorry to say, I think you might be looking to solve problems that don't exist.
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