Wherewould you stay ?
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    Wherewould you stay ?

    4 adults 3 kids ages 7,6.3 kids are boys 2 couples...
    2 regulate rooms, a suite? Or a villa

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    Sounds like the cabins might be worth a look

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    Re: Wherewould you stay ?

    It really depends on how much you want to spend and what amenities you are looking for. If you want to spend just a little (Disney little that is) then it would be worth it to get two adjoining rooms at a value resort or moderate resort. There you would have access to a pool and the food court. There are really no room even at the AOA suites that will fit all of you together. If you are ok to spend a little more money and want access to a kitchen, cabins would be a good fit. I believe that they can accommodate your party.
    If you want to spend even more money then you can look at one of the 2 BR villas. The other option is finding a good resource where you can "rent" someone's DVC points to book your magical vacation.
    For me I love the CBR or POR, they have everything that I need.. great pools and a very decent food court, plus you have access to Disney transportation, ADR 180 days in advance and FP+ 60 days in advance.
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    Like skyelili said to save money two standArd rooms because the 3 year old can sleep in a crib. A suite can be a good option too because the small child can be in crib, a roll away or even in parents bed.
    A 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom villa will be the more expensive but roomier option.
    Have fun planning and let us know what you end up doing.
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    Re: Wherewould you stay ?

    I would book 2 rooms at AoA or Pop Century unless a little larger room is more important. I say save the money to spend on fun.

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    That is exact party type we have, except it's 2 girls and a boy.and we always get 2 rooms at a value resort. You get 2 bathrooms and 2 tvs and all the advantages of staying onsite for cheaper then one suite anywhere.

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    Go for the 2 bedroom villa and save a few bucks by using the full kitchen and having a big community breakfast

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    Does anyone know which section of Caribbean Beach is close to the food court and bus lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikewithoneeye View Post
    Does anyone know which section of Caribbean Beach is close to the food court and bus lines
    They are all close, generally, to the busses.

    Trinidad and Martinique are closest to the food court, but I prefer Jamaica or Aruba myself. Quick walk over the bridge to the food court.
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    Re: Wherewould you stay ?

    We stayed in Aruba building 51. Not a bad walk to buses and like englanddg said the walk to the pool and food court isn't very far.

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