How early will Disney Transportation Buses run?
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    How early will Disney Transportation Buses run?

    My family and I are taking my 3 year old on his 2nd trip to Disney World March 2016! He is over the moon excited. He was just about to turn 2 at our last trip and he remembers everything about Disney! This year he is old enough to participate in the Pirates League at Magic Kingdom. We have a 9am reservation and according to the park hour scheduled, Magic Kingdom will open at 9am that day. We are to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Does anyone think we will be able to catch a bus from POP and make it to the park in time?

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    Hello, that's so wonderful that he is excited, can't wait till I have my own little Disney prince or princess.

    All Disney buses run at least one hour before the parks open so you will have plenty of time to make it before hand.
    Also there's a special entrance for reservations so you get into the park earlier than the rest, it's perfect for grabbing a picture of the castle before everyone else piles in.

    Hope that helps x

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    Awesome!!! Thank you so much! That puts me at ease! He asks me everyday how many days do we have left lol. I have an app on my phone that counts down for us!

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    You're welcome, the bus is one of my favourite things, it's when that voice comes on and starts telling you where you are going gets me all happy. I have the app too! But I still have 387 days to go haha

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