Disney Trip Nov 1-7 2015 <3
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    Disney Trip Nov 1-7 2015 <3

    Good day everyone!

    I haven't posted in awhile...however if you have seen me around it was probably concerning my first trip to WDW in 4 years back in April.

    I saved for over a year to take my best friend to Disney for the first time and my first time back in a little over 4 years I think... ANYWAYS!

    She fell in love, miss anti theme park cried when we had to walk down Main Street for the last time.

    After we returned home we took a look at the good old trip savings and found that we had not over spent like we thought we had. Not only that but we had quite a lot left over. So we started adding to it whenever we could.

    After a few months passed we decided to check the account once again to see where we were at. Mind you we thought we were saving for a trip next fall...

    Surprise! We had enough to go again this year AND for a longer trip than last time! -happy dance-

    Suddenly we found ourselves booked for a 7 day stay at All Star Sports with 5 days at the parks, new pins to trade while we are there, and all the dining is set.

    What she doesn't know is that we will be celebrating her Birthday while we are there. Yay!

    The first and last day we are going to explore the resorts, downtown Disney, and pin trade. The rest of the time we will be in the parks! Truly cannot wait to be back!

    On the other hand we haven't told anyone yet lol
    I thought I'd shock everyone by keeping it a secret since no one really thought I could budget in Disney trips on such a tight budget. But hey! This is what happens when you stay under budget and work hard!

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    That's great news! I'm going disneyworld on 1st November too!!

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    That's is so awesome! Great idea to save... Love it.
    Hope you guys have a magical time!
    Frying pans! Who knew, right!?

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    New development! I will be at disney for two whole weeks in November since my mother and Step-Dad surprised everyone with a trip to Disney!

    13 more days until I'm off!

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    I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip. My sister, mom, and I are discussing a quick trip (4-5 days) next November.

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