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    First let me say that I am NOT a cranky person - this is not intended as a rant...I just want to offer some advice for those who might benefit from my HUGE mistakes. Six years ago at WDW I looked like a happy fit 40 something. I was mostly that, except for a bone disease that made walking and especially standing, very painful. I could do it but man it hurt. After getting tired of dirty looks and backhanded comments, and seeing what a hassle it was to use a wheelchair (lots of times I saw wheelchair people get cut off or pushed aside so others can get in front of them) and because using the chair as needed, instead of being chained to it, made people think I didn't really need it, I decided to use a cane and "Man up like everyone else" since that was basically said or implied to me in every possible obscure way. I muscled through and made the best of it... I missed valuable (and expensive) days of my vacation icing a leg that was in screaming pain after a mere 20 minute waitline. I rested as often as I could, didn't complain or expect special treatment and carried on. When I got home from my trip, that same leg suddenly shattered from the multiple stress fractures caused by my being an oversensitive fool I tried to " Man up" at WDW. All the walking uphill and ramps and standing still for long periods of time caused hairline fractures. The shattering of my lower leg was beyond repair and I ended up having to have my leg amputated below the knee. All because I didn't want to be treated like a pariah at the "Happiest Place On Earth" So now I'm missing a limb, have nerve damage in my stump, and my life is 100 times harder than it was. I was a fool for not taking care of myself and for letting other people's judgements effect my decisions about what I needed, rather than what they thought I needed. I have not been to WDW since because of the tough memories of that last trip and the hardships of the results of my stupidity. Okay so that being said - I encourage anyone who is unsure about whether or not they should seek assistance, or bother with a chair, or deal with skeptics, who feel they have the right to ask you why you can't just "Deal with it" like everyone else, to do whatever it is you need to do and make no apologies. It's unfortunate that there are people who take advantage of their disabilities, but I will always regret not getting the assistance I needed because I was afraid of being judged unfairly. I am going to WDW in 2016 Because it was once my favorite place and I hope to recapture the magic - but this time I will make sure I face my disability head on and use all the tools available to me to ensure I have fun and am safe. I think this forum is an excellent resource and I'm grateful for being able to benefit from other people's experience. Maybe someone will benefit from mine as well.
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    I'm very sorry to read about such an awful experience.

    I have back problems that can sometimes make walking and standing excruciatingly painful. I've rented scooters a few times and I'm very familiar with the rude behavior from people who think I'm faking it because my problem is invisible. I've never used the scooter to get to the front of queues, though. I use it mostly to get from one area of the park to the other to avoid long walks.

    One year, coming out of the Candlelight Processional after the show, me and my scooter actually got knocked over by people trying to push past me to leave. I know there are some people who have used the scooters and wheelchairs to cut in line, but I'm sure the majority of people use them because they need to, whether you can see their disability or not.

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