Moderate Resorts: Port Orleans Riverside Renovation of Ol' Man Island
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    Moderate Resorts: Port Orleans Riverside Renovation of Ol' Man Island

    Forgive in advance if this was announced previously.

    Yesterday I received a letter from Suzette Noble, Disney's Port Orleans Riverside General Manager. She said that "the Ol' Man Island area, including pool, spa, waterslide, kiddie pool and Muddy Rivers pool bar, will be closed for refurbishment" starting January 11, 2016 "until later in the spring."

    Fortunately we will be in POR from Jan 1- 10th, so we dodge the pain. But for those of you who are planning a POR vacation from Jan 11 through the rest of the spring (Disney did not commit to a firm end date), then I am sorry.

    It seems that Disney sends this letter to those 30 days out from arrival, as the letter to me was dated "November 2015". I hope that my assumption is incorrect, as I could see this information significant enough to sway some to book another resort.

    Ideally, this refurb information should have been mentioned when we booked for POR. I wonder if any ADR at 120+10 days out would be messed up if we had to move resorts as some may consider who are impacted? Or the FP+? We were not informed about the construction until just now.

    I guess the good news is that the refurb on the pool area is during the coldest days of the year in Florida. Always look for the bright side of life!!
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    Re: Moderate Resorts: Port Orleans Riverside Renovation of Ol' Man Island

    I am not happy about this. I booked POR 6 months ago at the ap rate as a special Feb trip for a very special young lady who's going through some rough times. When now looking to change resorts at this late date, I find NOTHING in the same price range available with an ap discount. Why does Disney wait so long to inform us? Obviously they knew this months ago.

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    Re: Moderate Resorts: Port Orleans Riverside Renovation of Ol' Man Island

    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately delayed and/or lacking information seems to be the new norm for them. I hope your stay isn't impacted too much.

    As far as ADR's and FP's go if you switched, as long as they use the same reservation number, you *should* be fine and not lose any of them.

    Have a great time!
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