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    Hi you guys!
    I always liked Disney and all its history
    I must confess I haven't "studied" much about it
    These days I recorded on my dvr a 4 chapter documentary about Walt Disney
    Now I am in the 2nd one (my wife always gets sleep watching it because we watch it always late at night when the kids get to bed) but I am loving it
    Now I am having some interest in reading a book about Walt Disney and the Disney world history
    So, here you all are such a good reference for things Disney, so, is there a Book you all can recommend me to read?
    I know there is a lot of them, but I wanted to read a book that sure worth it and tells the history accurate

    Thank you all in advance


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    I love The Disney books

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    Quote Originally Posted by sophiem View Post
    I love The Disney books
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