Polynesian vs Beach Club
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  1. Polynesian vs Beach Club

    I need some expert opinions. Going in December and we can't decide wether to stay at the Polynesian or the Beach Club.

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    Oooh, that's a tough one! They are both in my top favorites. The Polynesian pool has been renovated and the resort also has the new Trader Sam's Grog Grotto. It's also very close to Magic Kingdom and you can even view the fireworks right from the beach. It's also on the monorail loop. On the other hand, Beach Club has a fantastic pool called Stormalong Bay that's sure to be a hit. Beach Club is also in walking distance to EPCOT which is my favorite park so a huge plus for me. You can also walk over to the Boardwalk. You may want to decide on which park you plan to spend more time at, Magic Kingdom or EPCOT and make your choice based on that. Can't go wrong with either!
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    Re: Polynesian vs Beach Club

    Poly is amazing, but a lot of the perks can be experienced even if you are not a hotel guest (restaurants, views of fireworks from the beach (as well as the nightly water electrical parade)...

    I'm gonna say, for a trip (especially a December trip, which sounds suspiciously like around Christmas...gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...go Beach Club. It's centrally located. It has excellent access to transit (water taxi to HS and EP, or a walk to EP. You can hop through EPCOT and catch a monorail over to MK if you wish to avoid busses (or want to do split days), and geographically, the busses are better situated (shorter ride times) between Beach Club and AK and Disney Springs.

    If you are renting a car or driving, even with the transit aspects tossed aside (don't need busses, water taxis, walking, etc.), Beach Club is still easier to get to and from various other parts of property than Poly.

    Mind you, I think Poly is the superior theme and resort (Beach Club is rather stale, because it's more of a well themed business class resort than a full on Disney "immersion" concept)...but...I think in this case the case for Beach Club slightly outweighs the cool factor of Poly.
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