June dates and happenings!
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    June dates and happenings!

    Oh my, is anyone else just getting a little frustrated with the lack of info about correct hours and happenings in June? I'm going from the 20th-25th. HS hours just cannot be correct, can they? Every day that week has HS closing at 8:30, with Fantasmic starting at 9 and no mention of Star Wars fireworks going on! One of the things I am most excited about are those fireworks! Also, way past my FP+ time and I'm searching for the opening date for Frozen in EPCOT! I'm really hoping it will be open, but need to know how early I'll have to be for rope drop as I'm sure it will be Tier 1 for FP and I'm not giving up my Soarin' passes. Also, does anyone understand what the Jungle Book "show" at Animal Kingdom is gonna be. I'm just having a hard time understanding what is going to go in AK for them to stay open until 11pm. Those hours are so late! Thanks
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    AK us supposed to gave a new night time show starting this summer. They also used to gave a jungle book show in AK where the hemp show us now. It was really awesome. Maybe they are considering another one since the jungle book movie is out right now.

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