Trip planning with dining plan
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    Trip planning with dining plan

    Does anyone know what is happening with the 2017 dining plan. I received free QS dining with my CBR booking and upgraded to dining plan but when you go into table service restaurants it says it only accepts Deluxe credits for table service restaurants in 2017. Does anyone know if this is correct. If so, i have wasted money on a dining plan that can only be used in quick service restaurants.

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    Re: Trip planning with dining plan

    There is a QS only version of the DP. Which version did you accept.

    If you want a long and short, this happens every year, with restaurants not being admitted. It has to do with how the DDP is renegotiated every year.

    The final list for the coming year generally not final until very late fall of the previous year.

    Where are you seeing that TS restaurants only accept "Deluxe Credits" (considering that Deluxe Credits have never existed, only QS vs TS)?
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    Re: Trip planning with dining plan

    I upgraded to dining plan. Thank you for the clarification. I was getting worried. I haven't been to many table restaurants at WDW before and I am looking forward to planning.

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