Stay at CBR May 21-30 2016
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    Stay at CBR May 21-30 2016

    This was our first stay at CBR and we chose a Pirate room since our 9 yo saw them on a Disney special and loved them. It was a very clean nice room and our mousekeeper was awesome. Room was spotless and clean every day with lots of towels and amenities left each day without having to ask.
    Day 1: We arrived on Saturday the 21st and used Magical express for the first time. Got checked in and our room was ready fairly quickly. Ate in the food court which was a little smaller than you tube videos made it seem lol. Food was pretty good though. We had the dining plan so used our QS there. Went to the pool for the afternoon which my 9 yo loved. He really liked the slides. Ordered pizza in our room from the resort pizza delivery that we paid out of pocket for. A little pricey but pizza was actually good.
    Day 2: After QS breakfast at food court we spent the day at HS. Had fast passes for little mermaid, Toy Story and Star Tours. Then got another fast pass for great movie ride which was a little disappointing as the speaker was not working well on our car. Had the gangster version. Then while in line waiting to get on made fast passes for RnR. My 9 yo loves RnR especially the corkscrews lol. Ate dinner at Sci Fi which was very good except it's so dark it's hard to see the menu lol. Did launch bay which was awesome. Was disappointed in the Chase card meet and greet. It was the same character you could meet in the regular lines and he was not as fun as the regular line. It would be nice to have a character no one else could meet unless they have the card. Watched the star wars stage show got to see the storm trooper March and watched the Star Wars fireworks which were awesome! We could also see them from right outside our room at CBR!
    Day 3: QS at food court then off to EPCOT. Had fast passes for spaceship earth, test track which was down initially but told us we could come back anytime after they reopened until park close to use it or use it on any other attraction until park close. We ended up going back later and using it on test track. Then did the meet and greet. Got to meet Baymax and Joy and Sadness too. Didn't do the chase meet and greet this time figured it would be another one we had already met. Did lotsbof stuff and walked a lot! Ate at Coral Reef and have to say it was wonderful best steak we had on property. We were seated right next to the aquarium and had a stingray sitting right next to me the whole meal. My youngest got the kids fish and chips and said it was really good. Walked around world showcase after eating and watched illuminations (Star Wars fire works were better. )Still haven't gotten to ride the three caballeros ride as it was closed by the time we got to the Mexico area. Looked in a few shops along the way.
    Day 4: QS at resort then off to MK. Fast passes for big thunder mountain, splash mountain and seven dwarfs mine train. Love all of these. Got fast pass for pirates of Caribbean for after dinner. Rode Peter Pan, small world, jungle cruise, Winnie the Pooh and several others. Ate at Liberty Tree Tavern. Food was okay not as good as I remember from before the changes. They were about 20 minutes behind seating us and gave everyone in our party a fastpass to use on any ride in any park good for 7 days. Watched the show on the castle and wishes. Did Stitch and Buzz ride along with people mover before going back to our resort.
    Day 5: QS at food court then off to Typhoon Lagoon I spent time in the lazy river which is my favorite part of the water park lol. The hubby talked me into the wave pool. My 9 yo loved it. Me not so much. Got hit in the back of the head I'm pretty sure by a child someone threw into the wave. Then had someone shove me under so they could body surf over me. I literally felt their hands on my shoulders pushing me under. I was done after that. Went back to the resort did couple loads of laundry than had dinner at Shutters. Food was good there too. Turned in early that night.
    Day 6: QS at food court then back to HS as the 9 yo wanted to do Jedi training. Wasn't feeling real positive when we saw how long the line for sign ups were but got him in at 2:10. Did Toy Story and great movie ride again this time much better and had the Wild West Bank robber version. Then used our fast passes from liberty tree for RnR. After Jedi training we left and went to Disney Springs for some shopping and dinner at T. was good but boy is it loud! Youngest made a dinosaur in the build a bear type area. With all the changes to Disney Springs it doesn't seem as disneyish as before reminds me more of any out door mall you can go to any where.
    Day 7: Breakfast at Tusker House. Food was great had a wonderful waitress who was not only funny but a wealth of knowledge about the park. Had fast passes for the safari, Everest and dinosaur. Rode Prime evil whirl which my husband lost his hat on. Never did get it back. I'm hoping it will still be found and get sent to us.Then got a fast pass for nemo show which I was not really that impressed with then got a fast pass for lion king which never disappoints. Did the trails and rafiki's planet watch. I had thought the jungle book show was supposed to start that night but we were told by our bus driver when she dropped us off it was starting the next night. Turned out it did start that night but we missed it because of the misinformation from our driver. Ate QS at flame tree BBQ that really was not very good. The chicken was moist though. Watched the show on the tree before heading back to CBR.
    Day 8: breakfast at whispering Canyon food was wonderful. I really want the biscuit recipe. So light and fluffy. Then back to MK so hubby could ride the train then met Gaston and got a Mickey pants sundae. And rode carousel of progress. Then back to CBR. The big pool was closed so we went to a smaller pool( had to go to a separate section as the pool in our section was being refurbished). Then did QS at the food court for dinner.
    Day 9: we slept in then had brunch at Chef Mickeys food was awesome! Then went back to Disney Springs to do more shopping and meet up with a friend of hubby who had moved to Florida. Had a wonderful margarita from the margarita bar right down from the big Disney store! Went back to resort for QS dinner at food court checked in with the airline for flight home the next day. Went to big pool but didn't get to swim long as it started to lightening. Was the first and only bad weather we had the whole trip.
    Day 10: got up had cinnamon rolls from the food court for breakfast( we had used snack credits the night before for these. They are yummy!) packed up checked our luggage and carrying ons then headed to the boardwalk. Was not real impressed with it. I'm sure it's better at night but we did get to explored some other resorts. Ate lunch at beaches and cream. Older son and I had hamburgers hubby had the rueben and little one had hot dog. Hubby got the strawberry shortcake desert and older son and I got the mud slide it was huge! Youngest got a strawberry Mickey sundae. Food was good but tables are really not big enough for a family of four to eat a meal at. Went back to resort to the gift shop some how we ended up with 4 extra QS meals that I'm pretty sure was a mistake as we had already used 9 quick service meals. But we got some gummies to take home for ourselves and the grandkids. Then it was onto the tragical express for the trip back to the airport. Our flight was supposed to leave at 7:25 pm but after 2 delays due to planes having issues and having to be taken out of service we finally boarded our plane at 10:45 pm sat at the gate for awhile due to a " minor glitch" with the plane then finally cleared to take off only to sit on the Tarmac for awhile I assume it may have been weather related as it was lightening out at this time. We finally took off and landed in Indianapolis at 2:40 am about 5 hours after we were supposed to. At least we were flying southwest and on a holiday so hubby and I did get free margaritas on the plane.
    All in all had a great trip! . Not sure I would stay at CBR again but that is just because we like to stay different places each trip to experience the different resorts.

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    Re: Stay at CBR May 21-30 2016

    Sounds like youse had a great time. (Apart from the wave pool lol)
    We are staying at CBR next year and it's good to hear your positive comments about the resort.

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