What kind of bag have you guys used?
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    What kind of bag have you guys used?

    This is my first adult trip without kids. Any advice on what kind of bag?

    What kind of bag has everyone used?

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    I normally use a cross body bag or satchel. I have tried back packs but they annoy me when I have to take them off to sit down. I like a cross body bag as I find them more comfortable and easy to move around.

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    I used a cross body this past trip. In past have used a backpack but had read several posts where people had had stuff taken out of their backpacks while standing in lines etc by people standing behind them. The bag I used in May I got off amazon and was actually a diaper bag.

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    The past two trips I've used a small backpack with a drawstring top. I bought both of them at Disney. I like these because they are not too cumbersome when you don't have much in them, but at the same time they have room to add stuff if you need to ( like a poncho if needed or smaller items that you purchase).
    I used to use a cross body bag but I like the convenience of having something a little bigger.
    Once on Big Thunder, I was wearing a cross body bag and I was so afraid it would fly out of the train that I was holding it tightly between my legs (while wearing it across) and on one of the bumps I got lifted out of my seat and the strap broke! So I had to really hold it tightly with my legs until the wildest ride in the wilderness was over. Needless to say, my thigh muscles were sore after that ride!

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    I usually use a Disney back pack. Keeps my lotions and autograph books separate. Plus I put my camera in there when not using it. At the end of the night I pack my souvenirs inside of it.

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