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    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    Really?? That's awful!! No it's definitely not like that anymore. Went maybe four years ago, was very dark in there and obviously it's history about not very pleasant things but it's super interesting. I don't like the idea of people jumping out, I idea of Halloween horror nights at Universal makes me feel ill! Lol
    100% agree! Give me MNSSHP anytime over universal! That experience at the dungeons terrified me and I love history (I studied uk history at school when I lived there) but I was way too terrified to go in!

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    Re: englanddg's It's a New Year After All

    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    Because you get breakfast for free in your hotel so you'll either have it in the Manhattan or Park side diner restaurants. Manhattan is better themed. I would suggest dinner in there if you were in Disneyland longer but there are better restaurants.
    Such as? What would you recommend? Neither of us are much of breakfast sorts. For me some coffee and dry toast is fine. For her, well, depends on the morning...if she had her way it would be a bag of chips and a soda! (no, she will get better than that)

    If there's something better than the complementary though, I'd like to do it. I thought, however, we'd rely on snacks as we go in that respect.

    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    Lol French lessons?? The French do speak English you know  you won't have a problem with communicating. But they'll appreciate the effort, just make sure you get the accent down.

    I appreciate that, and yes, I am well aware. The lessons are more for my kid's benefit than mine. To understand a culture, the best way, imho, is to first start to learn the language. She desperately wants to visit Paris (I have little to no interest in it nor France)...so, this is my trade off...she wants to go? She needs to at least study this "culture" that she idealizes.

    It's a "social studies" lesson.

    That said, learning languages is never a bad thing. Especially romance languages (for how the grammar carries to other languages, etc.)

    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    Do you want suggestions for London?

    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    I can't give you any for Paris itself, I have been there but mostly with work. What kind of things is your daughter into? Mine loves dinosaurs so loves the National History Museum (free entry) and the Science Museum is pretty cool (round the corner and also free to get in), by the Thames river is London Eye, London Aquarium and Sreks Adventure (pay for), London Zoo is good too, if your daughter is brave there's the London Dungeon (by London Bridge train station), can be a bit scary but they have rides in there too but it's dark inside and it's a lot of London's history about Jack the Ripper, the Towel of London and Traitors Gate.
    All excellent suggestions!

    Quote Originally Posted by katmartin2b View Post
    Umm I'll have a bit more of a think, Regent Street and Oxford Street are where all the shops are. If you're a Harry Potter fan, go Hamlies and go to the top floor, they sell amazing wands up there. Much better quality than Universal and they come in really nice boxes. They sell other science fiction/fantasy stuff up there too.
    She got a wand from Universal last fall...and she likes Harry Potter, but was a bit young for all that (it's not her passion)...

    I plan to take her to an Arsenal game, only because she likes sports events (she goes to football and baseball games currently, and loves them, the crowds, the sport, etc), and I do want to take her to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical as we've read that book together, repeatedly, since she was 4...and it's her "favorite" book.

    Other than that...one day we will do a Bath/Stonehenge trip, but really not sure...

    Ideas? Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusDisneyFan View Post
    Sounds like an amazing trip.

    Make sure you find the Peter Pan statue, I think it's in kensington gardens but that could be my memory playing tricks on me as its been years since I have been there. It will be rather cold so pack warm clothes! Make sure you take a trip on one of the classic double decker buses.

    You will absolutely love London because of the history. Have a great time!
    Should be a good time!

    I will look for that, though Kensington wasn't on our list, perhaps it should be added?

    Any other ideas? Any advice is very welcome. I haven't been to London in over a decade...and the last time I went was just for a few days when my sister marched in a parade there. And, to make matters worse, I didn't plan any of it. I merely had to make the flights, show up, do my bit, and fly back...so, this trip is quite different as I have to do it all myself!

    This year we'll do Paris/London. If you recall much of our discussions, this was the plan around this age...

    Next is either Japan or Germany (where my family is)...depends...

    But...we shall see...

    I hope you are enjoying (enjoyed?) your trip to WDW!?!

    Any tips you have, always welcome! I'm completely lost on this trip...
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