Combining FP+ and Rider Swap
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    Combining FP+ and Rider Swap

    My upcoming trip consists of myself, my husband, our to be 5 year old, and to be 9 month old at the time of the trip. I've received conflicting information regarding utilizing FP+ and Rider Swap. If I want my husband and 5yo daughter to FP something while I have baby, then use Rider Swap to allow myself and our 5yo daughter ride again, do I need a FP for that attraction also? If I don't need the FP, could I then use my FP for something, ride alone, and then give the ride swap tickets to my 5yo and my husband, or myself and 5yo?

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    I've been looking into the same thing as I'm in the same boat as you, my youngest will only be 10 months when we go so want to take our eldest on rides using fast past and parent swap. I think both adults and older child will need a fast pass for the ride and when you go in the entrance then they should give you a parent swap ticket so that when you've finished riding the other adult can then go on the ride with the child without having to ride alone. It only applies to rides where the youngest child is too small to ride, you couldn't do it for It's A Small World, for example.

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    Re: Combining FP+ and Rider Swap

    So everywhere I've read says that since you don't actually enter past the FP Magic Band reader, they don't have everyone in the party scan, which means they don't know if everyone has a FP. And, keep in mind, when you get the rider swap ticket, any 3 people can use it - you and your daughter could use it again on a different day even. Also, It's A Small World is on the list that offers Rider Swap, although it makes no sense to me, since babies can ride it. The list my agent sent me includes several babies can ride.

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    That's strange because when we were at WDW last year they wouldnt let us parent swap the little mermaid because our daughter was 2 and could ride it. We wanted to parent swap it because she was asleep in her buggy. Is there not a CM at the entrance to the fast past queue anymore? Because I would of thought if the four of you went up together so they could see that you had an infant then they'd give you a parent swap? It's really no difference to two of you queuing up in the regular queue.

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