Disney Has Only Run Minimal Part Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ad Campaign So Far

Yesterday, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Star Wars: The Force Awakens had sold a whopping $50M in advanced ticket sales. This morning, Deadline reported that figure is now “at $54M and could rise to $100M by the time the film debuts on Dec. 18.”

They’ve heard from their sources that Disney has only put out “a minimal part of its ad campaign.” One source goes as far as claiming we’ve only seen 5% of Disney’s marketing effort. Fans should expect a huge push around Thanksgiving when there will be a lot of eyeballs glued to the big and small screens.

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With nearly a month to go, Fandango’s pre-sales for Force Awakens have already topped the total pre-sales of their previous record holder, the first Hunger Games movie, back in 2012. Fans are even buying advance tickets beyond opening weekend, through Christmas week and into 2016, while theater chains are continually posting new showtimes on Fandango to meet the fan demand. Imax reported yesterday that Force Awakens is their current record pre-seller at $18M. Imax reps a third of digital and large format screens, and its domestic build out will reach close to 400 hubs in time for Force Awakens. – Deadline