'Zootopia' Spoofed All The Best 2015 Movie Posters — and They're Practically Better Than the Originals

Like everyone else in the known universe, the citizens of Zootopia are putting together their “best of 2015” lists. But because they live in a city founded, run, and populated entirely by animals, their favorite movies don’t include titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Ex Machina or Straight Outta Compton. Instead, they’re fans of Star Wars: The Furce Awakens, Straight Otter Zootopia, and Ex Yakina.

It’s an obvious gag, but it’s pretty cute. And it’s a nice lighthearted change of pace from all the arguments currently breaking out over the recent SAG and Golden Globe nominations, and all the arguments that will soon be breaking out over the PGAs, the DGAs, the Oscars, and so on and so forth for the next three months. See the new Zootopia posters after the jump.

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Zootopia unveiled its “best films of 2015” list on its official website. The posters are part of a “Countdown to Zoo Year’s Eve” campaign that will culminate in a “Zoo Year’s Eve surprise.”