Since 1997, the Atlanta Braves have held spring training at Walt Disney World. The team uses the park’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex — but that may soon change.

“We are in a broad-based search right now in the state of Florida,”

Braves president John Schuerholz said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this week.

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“We find ourselves now in a circumstance where teams in the central Florida area have begun migrating out, it would be problematic if we found ourselves in three years with no one in close proximity to play except the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland. West coast (of Florida), east coast, it doesn’t matter — wherever there is a pod of teams so that we are closer to our opposition, that’s the great equation for us: Spend more time on the field and less time on the bus.”

It could turn out, he said, that “we and Disney find a way to make this work here, which is a possibility, or that no alternate site becomes available.”

WESH-TV has uncovered documents that show the team may be consider a move to St. Petersburg for spring training.  Watch the news report below: