sleeping beauty castle

Is Disney Looking for a Counterterrorism Intern?

Wanted: an intern for the Walt Disney Company. Qualifications include superior writing and research skills, effective use of Microsoft Office products and the ability...
Open Bionics Iron Man and Elsa-themed hands

Open Bionics Creates Iron Man and Elsa-themed Bionic Hands For Amputee Kids

Bionic hands startup Open Bionics now makes Iron Man and Elsa-themed hands and arms for the smallest of amputees – kids. Open Bionics hopes to get...
epcot spaceship earth sun

Disney Parks Consider Tier Pricing

Walt Disney Co. is considering switching to demand-based pricing at its parks in the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported. The proposed move by Disney,...
annual passport

Did Disneyland and Disney World Go Too Far?

It's not just the rubber band holding mouse ears in place that's testing the elasticity of Disney (NYSE:DIS) fans. The undisputed champ in family...

Walt Disney World cities approve contract with Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Two Disney-controlled cities on Tuesday approved a new contract with the Orange County Sheriff's Office to serve the resort for the next three years. The...
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