Disney Reveals Bouncing, Flouncing ‘Tigger’ Robot

The wonderful thing about a Tigger robot is that it’s the only one! Disney’s research division designed a machine capable of hopping on one leg...

Circle With Disney Helps Manage Kids’ Screen Time

It’s every parent’s enduring headache: How do you keep your digitally savvy kids safe from the dark underbelly of the Net or spending every...

Disney may be buying Netflix

Forbes is reporting "chatter" that Disney is showing interest in buying Netflix.  Not for its cash flow, not for earnings, but for its massive...
Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

Hurricane Harvey: Disney Makes $1 Million Commitment to Red Cross

Earlier today, Disney announced that the Walt Disney Company and ABC television station KTRK-TV in Houston will be donating $1 million to the American...

Visitors with autism can proceed with lawsuits against Disney

Visitors with severe autism can move ahead with their lawsuits claiming Disney’s U.S. parks didn’t do enough to accommodate their need for scheduled routines...
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