Up or Down? The Haunted Mansion Stretching Room

When you step into the famous octagonal room, your first stop at the Haunted Mansion, the disembodied ghost-host asks: “Is this room actually stretching?...

Cast Member Canoe Races Are a Disneyland Classic

The temporary closure of Disneyland Park's historic Rivers of America, which began near the beginning of 2016, signified a few major things at the...

Amazing original Disneyland designs included a working farm

Sixty three years ago, with a nationally televised grand opening, Disneyland arrived on the scene as Southern California’s signature tourist attraction. In spite of a...

Disney shines spotlight on new unicorn, iridescent treats

Move over rose gold Minnie cupcakes, there's a new Instagrammable trend at Disney theme parks. Yes, the shiniest, newest thing at Disneyland and Walt...
Disneyland Castle star wars

Disneyland Just Experienced the Hottest Day at any Disney Park — Ever

Disneyland just had its hottest day ever. While southern California experienced a heat wave over the weekend, temperatures in Anaheim (home of Disneyland) soared to...
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