Downtown Disney reopening employees feel unsafe in crowds amid rising covid cases

Disneyland just opened the flood gates to Downtown Disney -- something many employees there are uncomfortable with at minimum ... and deathly afraid of...

These Disneyland Movies Will Bring the Park Into Your Home.

One of the most pervasive thoughts I’ve had in the last four months is a few simple words: I miss Disneyland. Like many cultural...

Small fire triggers evacuations at Disneyland Hotel

A small fire in the basement of the Disneyland Hotel sent smoke billowing through the vent system early Saturday morning, triggering temporary evacuations of...
star wars lightsaber

Disney wants to build a REAL lightsaber

Disney could be about to turn Star Wars lightsaber battles into reality - well, almost. A new patent describes plans to create a device which...

Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks, explained

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the biggest Disney theme park upgrade in years. The twin facilities will open up later this year...
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