Did you know Disney is making these 13 Classics into Live-Action Movies

With the box office success of 'Cinderella,' 'Maleficent' and now 'The Jungle Book,' Disney is moving full steam ahead with adaptations that pull from...

10 essentials you should always pack in your Disney backpack

You're headed on your next big adventure to Walt Disney World, and you can't wait to get there! From the rides to great food...

How The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are CONNECTED

How are the two most popular attractions (and a fun retreat) at Disneyland connected? Today we go over the overarching story for New Orleans...

Hyper Realistic Avatar Baby Dolls. Cool or creepy?

Experience the joys of parenthood by adopting one of these hyper realistic Avatar baby dolls. Each Pandorian newborn is expertly sculpted entirely from silicone...
these people voiced your disney childhood

These people voiced your Disney childhood

These people voiced your Disney childhood. Who is your favorite?  Tell us below in the comments...
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