Disney star Dean Jones dies

Dean Jones, the classic Disney star who goofed his way through such family-friendly movies as The Love Bug and That Darned Cat!, has died....
Mickey From Space Google Maps

Disney ‘Beautiful Planet’ 3D Imax Documentary Gets April Release

Disney and Imax have set an April 29 release for their co-production of the Toni Myers documentary “A Beautiful Planet” — a week after...

Come Fly The ‘Frozen’ Skys! WestJet Reveals New, Custom-Painted ‘Frozen’ Aircraft

There’s a new aircraft joining the WestJet fleet today that we know many of you will want to see for yourself. It’s a special,...

Here’s Disney’s shortlist to play young Han Solo in the next Star Wars spinoff

Disney has narrowed it's list to eight actors to play young Han Solo in a spinoff film. Most of the names on that list aren’t...
Goofy Donald Mickey Little Mermain Cameo Easter Egg

Disney Movie Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed!

The Little Mermaid Kermit the Frog can be seen sitting in the crowd during King Triton's grand entrance in The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid Again... Goofy,...
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