This Family Is About to Spend the Next 30 Days inside Disney World

Spending a week at Walt Disney World is a dream for many families, but what about a month? The Gee family, known to their many...

Pandora – World of Avatar construction update – Jan 2016 | VIDEO

Disney's Animal Kingdom will have its largest expansion ever when it adds "Pandora - Worlds of Avatar" to the former Camp Minnie-Mickey area (plus...

Disney will spend more on theme parks than Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm combined

Media and content are such high-profile pieces of the Disney entertainment empire puzzle that it’s easy to hold them in outsized regard. The fact...
Avatar Land Construction

Four ‘Avatar’ sequels announced, which is good news for Disney World

Director James Cameron announced this week that he will make four "Avatar" sequels, with the first hitting theaters in 2018. That's good news for...
Tiger Gives Birth to Cubs at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tiger Gives Birth to Cubs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So cute! Last month, Sohni, a Sumatran tiger in Disney's care at Animal Kingdom, gave birth to a pair of cubs, and today, we are...
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