The History of Journey Into Imagination | Expedition Epcot

Join us on our second stop on the Expedition at the imagination pavilion in Epcot originally sponsored by Kodak. Looking at the history of...

The History of The Magic Eye Theater | Expedition Epcot (Journey Into Imagination)

Part 1 of our look at Journey Into Imagination takes a look at the History of the opening day Epcot, Magic Eye Theater. Which...

The History of Odyssey Center | Expedition Epcot

A unique stop on Expedition Epcot taking a look at the History of the Odyssey Center and why this once Restaurant many think to...

The History of Mission Space | Expedition Epcot

Welcome back to another stop on Expedition Epcot. This time we will be looking at the history of Mission Space. We look at the...

The History Of The Living Seas | Expedition Epcot

Join us again on our Expedition Tour of Epcot at Walt Disney World. This time we take a stop and look at The Living Seas...
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