Disney trying limited-access exclusive morning access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney keeps rolling out exclusive park experiences before and after its gated attractions entertain day guests, as long as fans are willing to pay...
annual passport

Passholders Celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort with New Special Offers

Starting today, Oct. 2, guests who are purchasing a 12-month annual pass will be able to enjoy an extra month. That’s right, 13 months...

Disney’s Magic Kingdom debuts a new Muppets-themed Show

Magic Kingdom turned 45 yesterday, and today it opens its most significant new attraction in more than two years. The Muppets Present ... Great...

Happy 45th Anniversary to Magic Kingdom Park

It’s the place that turns kids into pirates, princesses, fairies and knights. It’s where children – of all ages – come face-to-face with their...
Disney Springs to host A Princess Royal Reception

Disney Springs to host A Princess Royal Reception in October

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting a Disney Princess during a visit to World of Disney at Disney Springs, that wish is about to...
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