This Family Is About to Spend the Next 30 Days inside Disney World

Spending a week at Walt Disney World is a dream for many families, but what about a month? The Gee family, known to their many...

Historic Solar Eclipse Wows Guests at Walt Disney World Resort

Even with cloudy skies, today’s solar eclipse was an awe-inspiring experience for guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort as they watched the moon move...

Man in Disney World wave pool has heart attack, dies

A 70-year-old man with a pre-existing heart condition died after having a heart attack while in a wave pool at Walt Disney World. The unnamed...
river country pool lake

Disney World draining, filling in River Country pool

Walt Disney World is draining and filling in the pool at its long-closed River Country water park. The 330,000-gallon Upstream Plunge was a major attraction...
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