Hungry? 7 Reasons We Want to Eat at Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet is likely the coolest sci-fi themed Italian eatery in the known universe, or, at the very least, the favorite restaurant choice of Andy in Toy Story. A mecca for space enthusiasts and pizza connoisseurs alike, Pizza Planet, and its delivery vehicles, play a crucial role in one of our favorite Disney•Pixar film series. We’d give almost anything to play a round of “Whack-A-Alien” and chow down on a slice at the famed establishment. Don’t be a potato head, you know want to, too. And this is why:

6There are games! There are aliens! There is pizza!

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“Buzz Lightyear mission log: The local sheriff and I have reached Nirvana” is probably what Buzz should have said immediately upon entering the promised land that is Pizza Planet. There are games like “Planet Killer,” “Alien Slime,” “What-A-Alien,” “Black Hole,” and most importantly, the “Claw Game.” What more could one ask for? (Maybe just a high score on Planet Killer.)