Disney Dining Reservation Resellers Being Closed

As we reported earlier this month  websites were making Disney dining reservations under fake identities and then selling them over to guests. Actually, the wording used is “transfers them to customers,” but it’s done in a number of different ways.  Disney has now stepped in and started closing them down…


The following was posted on Disney Dining Buddy’s Facebook…

Disney Dining Buddy Closed
Disney Dining Buddy Closed

From The Disney Dining Buddy Facebook:  “The Disney Dining Buddy service did NOT book reservations, or sell reservations, or scalp reservations. They watched for reservations to open up and alert customers so they can book the reservations themselves.”

Disney Dining Buddy is not in the business of selling reservations — we are in the business of providing time savings for people who don’t have time to obsessively check back for dining reservations.

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