Disney World’s New Sparkling Blue Wine Is Oh So Pretty

Another day, another new Disney treat that’s more photogenic than I’ll ever be. Earlier this month, Walt Disney World debuted an iridescent blue sparkling wine (wow, what a mouthful!), and it’s quite the lovely sight to behold. Sold at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, the bubbly beverage has a striking blue color and it’s topped with an edible Minnie Mouse hat that’s made of white chocolate — and covered in shiny dust, of course. The thought of sipping this alcoholic drink while simultaneously wearing those new iridescent Minnie ears is just TOO MUCH for my Instagram-obsessed heart to handle.

This isn’t the only dazzling snack currently being sold at Disney World, as the theme parks released a whole slew of iridescent sweets this Summer, including not one but two unicorn-inspired cupcakes and an unexpected rhino-themed cupcake covered in edible glitter. Ahead, see a few picture-perfect snaps of Disney World’s new blue wine, which is quickly stealing the hearts of parkgoers left and right.

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