Paddlefish in Disney Springs opening Feb. 4

Diners will be able to “embark” on a new culinary journey on Paddlefish in Disney Springs on Feb. 4.

The iconic paddle-boat restaurant closed months ago for a full revamp- from a renovation to the change of its name to Paddlefish.

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It sits in the entertainment complex of Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, which went through its own overhaul in the past two years by adding restaurants, shopping and more.

The changes at Disney Springs prompted restaurant operator Levy Restaurants to modernize Paddlefish – but hallmarks of its past lives as Fulton’s Crabhouse and The Empress Lily, remain.

Paddlefish will return with its famous smokestack and paddle wheel from its days as The Empress Lily as well as with popular dishes from Fulton’s such as Florida Stone Crab, Alaska King and Queen crab and lobster corn dogs.

Renovations were geared to making the restaurant have a more “modern yacht” feel with sleek complementing colors.

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In addition to the main dining room, there’s outdoor seating in a lounge on the first floor with space for a fish boil and oyster bar, a bar on the second level, and a rooftop deck.