Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe – Blue Bayou, Disneyland

Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe
Blue Bayou


Potatoes (baking) 3 lbs, peeled and thin sliced
Onion, thin sliced

Cream Sauce for the Potatoes:

Heavy Cream 2 cups
Whole Thyme (dry) 1/4 tsp.
Fresh Garlic (chopped) 2 tbs.
Salt 1-1/4 tsp.
Pepper 1-1/4 tsp
Butter 1 tbs.
Parmesan Cheese (grated) 4 oz


1. Mix onions and potatoes and put into baking dish. Mix cream, garlic, salt, pepper, and thyme leaves.2. Pour mixture over potatoes and onions and cover.

3. Put in a pre-heated 350F degree oven, and bake for about one hour.

4. When potatoes are tender, remove from oven and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

5. Put back in the oven uncovered and bake for ten minutes more until brown.

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