Right when we thought we’d seen every possible reimagining of Disney princesses, we are graced with the most inspired, and inspiring, concept of them all: Disney Princesses as hot dogs, and they are just as amazing as you thought they would be.

Lucky Peach has made four custom creations, using only hot dogs, buns, cheese, and a few expertly placed condiments and veggies. Admire Ariel’s ketchup hair or marvel at Belle’s cheesy gown. Theses snacks would be a hit at any kid’s birthday party or any twentysomething’s nostalgia-themed bash. The question is, how far could you take the theme? Maybe a pile of ketchup could become Sebastian, or some potato salad could be molded into Mrs. Potts. Anything is possible with a little imagination and a steady hand with a toothpick.

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Feeling hungry? Head over to Lucky Peach for instructions on how to DIY your own princess hot dogs.


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