In 1978, a little child goes lost for unknown reasons. He emerges in 1986, having not aged a day. What happened to him? Well, an extraterrestrial spaceship whisked him around the galaxy so quickly that time didn’t change for him, but on Earth, eight years elapsed. That’s the setup for Disney’s 1986 picture Flight of the Navigator, and after several efforts, it’s finally found a champion in Bryce Dallas Howard.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Howard, the star of the Jurassic World trilogy who also helmed numerous episodes of The Mandalorian, will direct and produce a Flight of the Navigator remake for Disney+. This new version will feature a female lead, though it is unclear whether the plot and setting will remain the same.

Last month marked the 35th anniversary of the original picture, directed by Randal Kleiser (Grease). Joey Cramer portrayed the protagonist, and Paul Reubens provided the voice of the iconic spacecraft.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Disney has been attempting to resurrect the title for almost a decade. Jurassic World authors Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly allegedly worked on a draft in 2009, but it was not completed in time, and the rights were acquired by Lionsgate. It business subsequently attempted to create its own take on Lucifer’s Joe Henderson, but that, too, failed. Now that the rights have been returned to Disney, Howard is on board.

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Flight of the Navigator is an excellent candidate for a remake. Even if you grew up in the 1980s, it’s a film you could have missed, and most youngsters nowadays are unlikely to have heard of it. Furthermore, the concept of a youngster being missing because he or she has been shooting across the cosmos, only to return home bewildered and terrified is a no-brainer. We believe Howard will smash this one out of the park.

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