Disney’s planned live-action remake of “Snow White” is experiencing flak owing to alterations made from the original 1937 version. Historically, cultural conventions were different, and the original picture represented those expectations, with women being shown as waiting for a man to fall in love with them.

The new version of “Snow White” is being altered to be more contemporary, with the central heroine not relying on a prince to save her or fantasizing about true love. This information was given by actress Rachel Zeigler, who plays Snow White in the adaptation, and it generated controversy on social media.

woke snow white

Moreover, criticism surrounds the hiring of Zeigler, who is Hispanic, as well as the apparent substitution of the Seven Dwarfs with non-Dwarf characters in the film.

11 Signs Snow White Apple
11 Signs Snow White Apple

Disney has a history of making adjustments in remakes to strengthen female characters, as evidenced in “Aladdin” and “Cinderella.” These versions were met with both praise and criticism.

The criticism over Disney’s remakes comes at a time when inclusiveness and diversity are under heightened scrutiny. The corporation is getting criticism from critics who say it is being too “woke” in making modifications to appeal to a broad audience.

While the “Snow White” remake may encounter typical box office issues, its success might be part of a larger tale about streaming subscriptions and other ways Disney can monetize its material.

Finally, Disney’s remakes will continue to straddle the shifting world of filmmaking and audience expectations, embracing inclusiveness and diversity while perhaps risking blowback from some quarters.

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