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Rumor: Disney To Create Adult Section On Disney+


Today we share a rumor that Disney are developing an adult section on Disney+. No, not that kind of adult section, get your mind out the gutter. As you probably know, all Disney+ content is rated PG-13 or lower, therefore there are no restrictions on the content kids can watch. You can still have some content only appear at age appropriate levels for younger children, but currently no viewer can access any content above PG-13. That means a popular movie like Logan, now owned by Disney cannot appear on Disney+. Deadpool and its sequel likewise cannot appear on Disney+. That’s a lot of content Disney own and can’t show on their premium streaming service.

Hulu you say? Yes, Disney could use Hulu, but that service is only available in the U.S. and Japan. No other territory currently has Hulu, so perhaps that service is simply not a long term solution? Well according to this latest rumor, this could all be changing.  I’ve seen this pop up a few places since yesterday and I assume this is not just some random first time source here. Digitalbits posted the below on social media just yesterday. Check it out.

Hearing interesting reports from sources in the last couple days that Disney is creating essentially a more adult section of Disney+ that will require pin code access. And that's where all of the Fox and MGM content will go moving forward. Including lots of #4K. @thedigitalbits pic.twitter.com/xoDsPn0rUy

— Bill Hunt (@BillHuntBits) August 19, 2020

Now, he meant to say Fox and Touchstone, not MGM before anyone thinks Disney has been buying again. I cannot (as said) speak to the validity of this claim. However, I find it hard to believe Disney would not be looking at this option. Why would a company that just paid Billions for content not then show that content on their own streaming network? I guess I am saying that this would be an extremely logical move from Disney, as long as it was secure. Disney being a family friendly company means they do not want kids coming across the Alien franchise while browsing for Vampirina.

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This could work with a pin code system like the report claims. Most streaming services have a way to section-off kids content. You can put your child in a safe place where they simply can’t see content too old for them. I use this on both Netflix and Amazon, as my youngest is still only 5. However this could simply be reversed on Disney+? The default option would be the PG-13 family friendly version, but an adult profile can set up a pin code to access a hidden section. Now, if Disney are not doing this, then they absolutely should be. Right now, my Wife can find almost nothing to interest her on Disney+. When she wants to chill and watch TV, she’ll always look on Netflix or Amazon. However Disney do own content that would interest her, so why not utilize that?

The Marvel and Star Wars fans will be thinking, ‘can we get R-rated MCU and Star Wars shows?’ No one is saying that will happen, however it does open the intriguing possibility doesn’t it? Theoretically, Marvel Studios could bring back Daredevil and keep going? That would be something that would please a lot of the #saveDaredevil crowd.

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I personally don’t think Marvel would push into adult territory, and definitely not Star Wars, but who knows? What do you think of the idea of an adult section on Disney+? Share your thoughts below in the usual spot, there can’t be a downside, can there?




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