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The ‘Black Widow’ story has just begun!

[This story contains spoilers for Black Widow.]

With the premiere of Cate Shortland’s Black Widow, Marvel Studios returned to theaters for the first time in two years. Instead, it is now the Disney+ series, WandaVision, The Falconand The Winter Soldier, and Loki, which was originally intended to begin the Phase 4 MCU. At the end of the three previous phases at Avengers, the decision to open a new chapter with a character who gave her life: Endgame (2019) originally appeared strange.But Black Widow, right following Captain América: Civil War (2016), and several weeks before the Avengers: Infinity War (2018), has formed a character Scarlett Johannson for almost a decade. It also examines the heritage of Natasha Romanoff and the Red Room she trained in. Black Widow is not about death, but fresh life, and it is a perfect entrance to introduce Marvel Studios’ films into this new chapter.

Natasha’s solo picture does not prioritize a corpse count for a heroine whose past has been characterized mainly by her death toll. While the supporters fear Black Widow has missed their wide screen window because there have been other women-centered spy-films over the past few years, the film takes a different route than those of the previous films, focusing on familial dynamics and redemptive arches, rater than salty In the past, Atomic Blonde (2017), Red Sparrow (2018), Anna (2019), The Rhythm Section (2020) and Ava (2020)

The picture may elicit parallels to James Bond, with Moonraker (1979) receiving a few of nods, but Shortland isn’t trying to become Marvel’s Bond. Black Widow is a dysfunctional spy film that focuses on discovering who these individuals are outside of their shadow ops and cherished genre clichés. Lies and denial, weapons of the espionage profession, give way to truth and reconciliation, shedding light on Natasha’s background and setting her on the path to her Endgame sacrifice.

Although Natasha’s actions push the film’s conceptual ideas forward, the supporting characters stand to profit the most by breaking free from the constraints of their origin stories inside the film’s plot. This, in turn, bodes well for the future story of Marvel Studios. Surprisingly, all of the characters in the film that have Marvel Comics counterparts survive the events of the film. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), David Harbour’s Red Guardian, Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff, and Olga Kurylenko’s Taskmaster are all still available for future MCU projects. The comics and the next slate of MCU films may give some insight into what we may expect from these characters in the future.

Pugh’s Yelena Belova, Natasha’s younger “sister,” emerges as the film’s breakout star and, possibly, one of Marvel’s important roles in the future. The post-credit sequence establishes Yelena as working for Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and sets up a clash with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner). Because of Marvel Studios’ scheduling adjustments, fans will not have to wait as long for that encounter as they would if Black Widow had been released last year. Hawkeye will launch on Disney+ later this year, and Pugh’s participation as Yelena has already been confirmed.

So, what will be the conclusion of Hawkeye’s vendetta? Yelena’s comic history has landed her on the wrong side of the law numerous times, forcing her to confront the Avengers. But this Yelena is different, and she has complete control over her actions. And, unlike John Walker (Wyatt Russell), Yelena looks to be a less enthusiastic follower of orders, maybe because she has spent her whole life as a Red Room assassin. The post-credit sequence in Black Widow appears to be a ruse, with Yelena acting as a double agent and exploiting Val for unknown objectives. Val is still unknown to us, but if she’s amassing strength, she may be Yelena’s means of hunting down the missing Widows that Natasha entrusted her with protecting at the end of the first film.

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With Shortland expressing interest in a Black Widow sequel featuring someone other than Natasha, it stands to reason that Yelena will reprise her role as Black Widow, or take on a new identity, White Widow, as she recently did in the comics. Yelena may be grateful for her freedom, but is this true for every Widow who has been freed from the grips of the Red Room? Perhaps there is a woman out there whose real life is scarier than the Red Room.
The Red Room spy in Marvel’s Black Widow comics surely has a precedence that cannot be rectified. Anya alias Recluse most recently featured in Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Black Widow (2016) and created Dark Room. The predecessor’s government contact. Anya will be a good opponent for Yelena since she alternates between spies and superheroes, investigating what freedom means to those who don’t want to be free.

The ending of Black Widow has Natasha’s “parents” expected to work with a small number of freed widows to produce a large-scale mind-control antidote. Although Alexis and Milena played a more sinister role in the black widow saga in the comics, the Red Guardian fought the Avengers, Milena played the role of the Iron Lady and tried to control AIM along with the Global League of Female Villains. . redeemed in the movie. Although the Red Guard don’t have a chance to face Steve Rogers, they can still shape their career according to Captain America’s legacy.
In the comics, the Red Guardian is the leader of the Winter Guard, Russia’s own Avengers, which is also comprised of the Crimson Dynamo, Dark Star, and Ursa Major.

The team plays an important role in Jason Aaron’s current Avengers. Considering the synergy between Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, the Imagination Team iteration doesn’t seem far-fetched. The Red Guard and Millais Na take the initiative and appear in the Black Widow. sequel or future MCU projects. Given Alexi’s status as a super soldier and Milena’s suggestion that Milena might be involved in the Russian government project, it would be interesting to see Red Guardian and Milena meet new Captain America Sam Wilson or more. Suitable for fighting, John Walker is also known as an American agent.

Although the Russian superhero team will undoubtedly face a grim geopolitical landscape, the fact that the Winter Guard is ultimately noble and is frequently an ally of the Avengers can help to mitigate this. The Winter Guard does not always serve the Russian government, much as the Avengers do not always serve the US government. Given that the MCU has so far been concentrated in the United States, it will be fascinating to watch how other nations respond to the lack of Avengers following Endgame and Blip by offering their own global defenders.

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Although Taskmaster Antonia Dreykov is different from her comic Anthony Masters in the main Marvel 616 universe, her abilities are the same, meaning there are no restrictions on what roles she can imitate and where she can appear. Although some comic book purists have been mistakenly affected by the changes to Taskmaster in the MCU, although comic book characters often switch between page and screen, and while Antonia makes sense for the control themes explored by Black Widow, it certainly does. There is room for Antonia move closer to the satirical mercenary of two lines in the comic. What’s interesting about Taskmaster is that he doesn’t know who he is yet, so the audience isn’t quite sure what kind of person he’s going to become. Will the salvation provided by Natasha lead her down a selfless path? Or will it be used as a weapon for life, which will only make it a weapon in the hands of others? Can she be the master of her own destiny, or is she just a gun in the hands of the highest bidder?

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Black Widow seems like the start of Antonia’s journey, which is an intriguing position for the film’s major danger. Despite being a humorous figure, it seems unjust to label Taskmaster as a villain at this point. Work for nearly any villain you can think of. Thunderbolts is a team of villains who act like heroes, sometimes noble, sometimes cunning.Given Zemo (Daniel Brewer)’s continuing saga and any of Val’s team, it must have recently gained a lot of attention in the rumor mill. building. Foreman has been a member of Thunderbolts multiple iterations, and it will definitely be interesting to see her with other Marvel characters, Ghost (Hannah John Carmen), Abomination (Tim Rose) and Zemo, despite their adoption Their methods, but they believe that they are heroes.

Natasha’s exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be Black Widow, until she returns to the craziness of many worlds, cloning, and all the other reasons in the comics, but the world of Black Widow has only just begun to expand. Where we lost a beloved and morally complicated character, we’ve just met four new characters that have the potential to make the next stage of the MCU as wonderful as the previous three.


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