8 Things Disney Fans Are Sick of Hearing

Being a Disney fan is a lot of hard work! Aside from the unrelenting stress of choosing your favorite Disney movie to watch on a Friday night, or the burden of deciding which attraction to Fastpass first at Disneyland, you have to deal with the naysayers. You know who we’re talking about. Those singular people who just don’t get it; who scoff at the slightest mention of magic. Well, luckily for you, there’s a whole swarm of us Disney fans standing right behind you. Here’s what we’re sick and tired of hearing:

10“You’re going to Disneyland … again?”

Yes, actually. And we’ll likely go next weekend too. And the weekend after that. It’s not a problem, it’s a magical experience that brings up joy and is partly responsible for making us the amazing people we are today.

9“Do you *really* need more Tsum Tsum?”

Does a flower need sunshine and water to thrive? Don’t insult us by asking the question. Of course. Those plush are as cute as could be and they’re stackable. The potential uses are endless.

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8 “Didn’t you just watch Frozen yesterday?”

Child, please. “Let it Go” is essentially our daily mantra.

7 “Disney is just for little kids.”

Why, we oughta! Disney is for everyone. These stories shape our lives and fill them with wonderful, wonderful color.

6“Let’s go on the haunted house ride!”

Haunted House? No, no. It’s The Haunted Mansion. We’re constantly playing a game of “should we correct them or not?” But we can’t help ourselves.

5“How many Mickey t-shirts can you possibly own?”

Answer: Infinity Mickey t-shirts. One can never have enough Mickey t-shirts. It’s just impossible.


4“How do you know where every single attraction is?”

*sigh* They’ll never understand.

3“Don’t you ever get sick of going to Disneyland?”

Hush, silly. Of course not. And we never will.


Us Disney fans aren’t bonkers. We’re just different.
*Us not caring what the naysayers think*

You just gotta be you, because at the end of the day, that’s all you can be. Share this with a friend who knows the struggle!


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