Did you know A Disneyland Guest Once Literally Pulled The Sword Excalibur From The Stone


The Sword in the Stone is a mythical weapon that only the next king is capable of removing from its resting place. That sword has lain in wait in front of King Arthur’s Carousel at Disneyland for decades, but it now seems we have a new ruler after someone plucked the blade from the stone.

The sword, which is located in front of the carousel, once mysteriously vanished, although it doesn’t seem that its disappearance was related to the attraction’s impending renovation. According to a source in the know that the sword’s hilt was truly pulled—or, more precisely, broken—by a visitor who pushed so hard that it came out.

The anvil’s region was taped off so that visitors couldn’t approach and insert their fingers in the hole, where there were now sharp bits of metal where people may damage themselves. Fortunately, a cast member from Disneyland was allegedly nearby to handle the matter.

The sword has since been fixed and restored, it seems to be shining a little bit more than normal, which is lovely.

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If you’ve gone to Disneyland, chances are good that you’ve posed for a photo in front of the sword, presumably pretending to try to pull it out. Given how often that has occurred, it is not unexpected that the blade ultimately underwent sufficient strain to break. Particularly considering that the sword can only move slightly in position.

According to one story, the person who removed the sword from the stone went by the name Sam, thus I presume King Sam is now in power now that the sword has been freed from the stone. There are a lot of alternatives, such as the possibility that he may manage Disneyland or that he will be fired for causing damage to park property.

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