The Pixar update to the Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure was first announced at D23 in July but few details were given. Late last week Disney release more information on the update. The pier area will be broken into four areas, each to a different Pixar franchise.

By far, the most talked about of the four neighborhoods in “The Incredibles” area where the California Screamin’ launch coaster will be rethemed to The Incredibles with the new name ‘Incredicoaster.’

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Another area will be Toy Story themed and anchored by the pre-existing Toy Story Mania! ride. A third neighborhood will feature various characters with an updated Fun Wheel, Sky School coaster, and midway games. The final area will be themed to Inside Out.

This will be the first permanent land inside a Disney park devoted to Inside Out. Few details were given on this new area, but Disney did confirm a “new family-friendly attraction” will call the area home. Renderings released with the announcement show a swing ride with what looks to be a wall of the memory orbs.

This issue is this wouldn’t be a new ride though since it is essentially the Golden Zephyr ride moved to a different location. This is where some interesting East Coast rumors come into play.

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One of the long-standing rumors for Epcot is an update to the Imagination pavilion. The upgrade would feature an entire gutting of the building, new glass panels on the iconic pyramids to fix issues that the decades-old roof has, and an entirely new ride featuring the characters from Inside Out. This new family-friendly trackless ride may cost an upwards of a quarter of a billion dollars. Disney often offsets such massive investments with carbon copies of the attraction in other parks. This might explain why Disney chose not to share any details of the new Inside Out attraction coming to California Adventure.

California Adventure Pixar Pier

We may also see future Pixar brands added to the Pixar Pier area and in turn new Pixar attractions here in Orlando. The front-runners include Up, Brave, and Monsters, Inc. Brave is rumored to be the focus of a new attraction coming to the United Kingdom, Monsters is rumored for Hollywood Studios, while Up is rumored for either Epcot or Animal Kingdom. A Cars themed area has also been rumored for Disney’s Hollywood Studios for some time.

Pixar Pier and Disney California Adventure won’t be a perfect read on what we’ll be seeing here on the East Coast but major investments there might be one of the better signals we have of what to expect at other Disney parks.

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