Sunday, August 14, 2022

Disneyland opens secret entrance into Haunted Mansion

For Disneyland fans who constantly yearn to see backstage areas, a dream has come true: Cast members have been allowing guests in the reopened park to use a secret entrance into the Haunted Mansion.

A number of guests on opening weekend posted to social media they’d been given the chance to use the rare backstage stairway. The entrance is located at the end of the wall of interments, the door easily visible but almost always closed as guests normally queue in the outdoor area.

In true Disney fashion, even what is essentially an emergency stairwell is well-themed. Upon entering, there’s a display with Haunted Mansion clothes, a hatbox, and an antique end table. Along the way are candlesticks, lanterns, and plenty of doilies. There are even the four iconic photos from the elevator room, although in truncated form, and illuminated by not-so-atmospheric fluorescent lights. After a short journey down some stairs and through a hallway, guests are met by a cast member who allows them straight onto the ride.

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You can see the walk-through here:

The backstage stairs are a good way for Disney to reduce queuing and hustle crowds past the enclosed, indoor elevator scene at the very beginning of the ride. But the glimpse behind the curtain does mean you’ll miss out on the stretching room, so keep that in mind.

Don’t go letting yourself into random doors, however (the ghosts won’t like that much). A cast member will ask you if you’d like the option to bypass the normal waiting area and use the stairs if you’re among the lucky guests.


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