Disneyland Preparing for Unprecedented Weather Due to Hurricane Hilary

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Unprecedented Weather Alert: Disneyland Takes Precautions for Approaching Hurricane Hilary

An exceptionally rare weather event is on the horizon for Southern California, and its path includes Disneyland.

The current focal point of concern is Hurricane Hilary, which has surged to a Category 3 hurricane as it targets Mexico and the California Baja Peninsula. As it makes its way, Southern California, home to Disneyland, finds itself in its trajectory. While Disney World has dealt with hurricanes in the past, this marks the first instance of Disneyland being directly in the crosshairs of such a formidable storm. The response of Disneyland Resort to this impending threat begs the question: how are they preparing for Hurricane Hilary?

**UPDATE:** A recent development has seen Hurricane Hilary weaken to a Category 2 storm, according to the latest from CNN.

CNN’s Natasha Chen reports that Disneyland is already taking preemptive steps in anticipation of the anticipated high winds and torrential rain that Hurricane Hilary is poised to deliver. These measures entail Cast Members assembling essential supplies and ensuring the unobstructed functionality of storm drains.

For visitors embarking on a Disneyland adventure during this period, it’s important to anticipate the repercussions of adverse weather conditions. Factors such as entertainment schedules and the operation of outdoor rides are susceptible to wind and rain disturbances. Depending on the intensity of the weather, other disruptions may occur. In such cases, guests will be promptly informed of any unforeseen changes through communication from Cast Members and updates on the Disneyland app.

In a parallel endeavor, Universal Studios has outlined its intention to maintain its operational status. However, they recommend that guests stay vigilant by monitoring the Universal Studios Hollywood website for real-time updates before heading to the park.

For those planning air travel through Los Angeles or Anaheim airports en route to or from a Disneyland visit, close attention to airline communications is crucial. The impending storm could trigger flight delays or cancellations, underscoring the necessity of verifying flight statuses before heading to the airport.

As Hurricane Hilary’s impact looms, both Disneyland and its visitors stand ready to navigate the uncertainties of this rare weather event.

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